Best trading partner Neo Mac KoreaProvides help to businesses that are currently expanding their business in the marketplace or expanding their business in new markets.

Through its know-how accumulated through its rich experience and differentiated network, NEOMAC has various business fields such as global marketing, trade consulting, import and export agency, international legal consultation, overseas logistics, exhibition and convention, international exchange, We are making.


From large buyers to small buyers with high purchasing power, we have tailored customized buyers to differentiated high transaction performance. We have rich experience in various government agencies, related organizations, exhibitions and convention companies. Based on the best results.


We provide direct contact and information collection for buyers, not merely agency, and provide export planning, invitation, airline, hotel, reception, report after result and follow-up management.

We are not limited to just one item but we have specialized and differentiated experiences from general items (household goods, IT, food) to global parts materials such as industrial equipments, machine tools, food / pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, We have various experience such as pioneering group and trade / economic delegation events to provide customized service tailored to customer's needs.


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#1608, Daerung Techno Town 18th, 19, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 08594 Rep. of KOREA 

TEL.  + 82)  2 - 6010 - 0700 | FAX.  + 82)  2 - 6010 - 0330 | E-MAIL.


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#1608, Gwanggyo Business Center 9F, 156, Gwanggyo-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 


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12F,  63, Jungang-daero, Jung-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea