Exhibition·DelegationWe provide high-quality service through world-class exhibition experience.

NEOMAC's exhibits·missions at a glance

NEOMAC's Exhibition

  • Companies wishing to participate in specialized overseas exhibitions (using NEOMAC's specialized staff to provide services for overseas exhibitions)
  • Exhibitors who wish to invite overseas customers by participating in domestic exhibitions (inviting existing suppliers and new companies to provide services for successful exhibitions)
  • Due to the difficulty of direct participation due to the condition of the client, a company wishing to act as a professional company (NEOMAC exhibitors and exhibitors)
  • Continuous contact with exhibition counselors at customer's request
  • Consult with customers for smooth progress of the exhibition
  • Preparatory work cooperation of requesters in future exhibition
  • Stage 1 exhibition service: inquiry of exhibition of interest of customers, application for participation
  • 2nd stage exhibition service: general preparations for participating in exhibitions, identification of application for counseling after participating in exhibition, consultation proceeding service
  • Step 3 Exhibit service: Participate in exhibitions and participate in the exhibitor's name instead of the client's name.

Why you should partner with NEOMAC Our customer is with NEMAC for a number of reasons.

  • NEOMAC experts are working hard for your success.

  • NEOMAC is engaged in export and import business for those who do not have a trading expert and can not import or export on their own.

  • NEOMAC offers a strategy for your region based on its in-depth knowledge of the market.

Did you know that...?

NEOMAC will provide you with the most economical and safe way to buy your desired products through our local partners who are located in each country. We will be happy to provide you with know-how and expert knowledge of each product.

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