Export & Import Agency It is an agency service for companies that want to import and export without professional trade manpower.

NEOMAC's import and export agent service at a glance

We provide import and export agent services for various items.

  • e-market place posting, search engine marketing, exhibition, delegation, participation in fair
  • 계약체결
  • Countermeasures and management by FTA agreement country
  • Communication between Buyer Sellers (Correspond)
  • Sample acquisition and dispatch (courier, etc.)
  • Offer Sheet, Proforma Invoice, Purchase Order, Sales Contract, etc.
  • Especially, the interpretation of L / C (L / C)

Why you should partner with NEOMAC Our customer is with NEMAC for a number of reasons.

  • NEOMAC experts are working hard for your success.

  • NEOMAC is engaged in export and import business for those who do not have a trading expert and can not import or export on their own.

  • NEOMAC offers a strategy for your region based on its in-depth knowledge of the market.

Did you know that...?

NEOMAC will provide you with the most economical and safe way to buy your desired products through our local partners who are located in each country. We will be happy to provide you with know-how and expert knowledge of each product.

NEOMAC CEO - jonathan