Trade Consulting Consulting companies that are not satisfied with overseas progress due to lack of expertise and experience.

Total Solution - NEOMAC is not only consulting on export and import matters such as import and export customs clearance, customs investigation, but also consulting on foreign exchange, general trade, taxation, logistics related to import and export payment and receipt.

Maintenance - We provide direct contact and information collection for buyers, not merely agency, but also export planning, invitation, airline, business, reception, report after result and follow-up management.

Transaction performance - Based on its rich experience and know-how, NeoMac has achieved highly differentiated and high transaction performance by finding customized buyers that match the size and size of its products, from large-sized buyers to small-sized buyers with high purchasing power.

Various government agencies, related organizations, exhibitions and convention companies. - We have experience in organizing agencies and companies.

A rich experience of many items and sizes - We have specialized and differentiated experiences from comprehensive items (household goods, IT, food) to global parts materials such as industrial equipment, machine tools, food / pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, electronic parts and chemical products. We provide tailor-made services tailored to the needs of our customers.

Customized consulting through rich know-how Deep industry expertise in all markets

NEOMAC's collaborative work at a glance

We promise continuous, non-one-off consulting.

  • Overseas Market Research
  • Establish strategy for overseas expansion
  • FTA / non-tariff information survey
  • Analysis of overseas issue data
  • Consultation on import and export items and selection of customers
  • Consultation on finding items and dealers through the Internet
  • Consultation on securing export goods or raw materials
  • Consultation on funding methods for securing goods
  • Consultation on establishment of export and import marketing strategy
  • Consultation on correct English words and English phrases
  • Consultation on the preparation of business letter (Business Proposal Letter / Circular Letter / Inquiry)
  • Consultation on calculation of import and export unit price for making price list
  • Consultation on preparation of Offer Sheet and Purchase Order
  • Consultation on the creation of a sales contract
  • Consultation on settlement currencies and exchange rates
  • Consultation on currency risk management techniques

Why Partner with NEOMACOur customers are with NEMAC for a number of reasons.

  • NEOMAC experts are working hard for your success.

  • NEOMAC is engaged in export and import business for those who do not have a trading expert and can not import or export on their own.

  • NEOMAC offers a strategy for your region based on its in-depth knowledge of the market.

Did you know that...?

NEOMAC will provide you with the most economical and safe way to buy your desired products through our local partners who are located in each country. We will be happy to provide you with know-how and expert knowledge of each product.

NEOMAC CEO - jonathan